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#3: The Valet

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At your service, Madame.

Sinful Sunday

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or Friends and Benefits (In Order of Importance)

I fuck and am fucked in a very comfortable amount by a very few people in a circle of generosity and respect. And maybe that’s why I’m not often willing to put up with lack of generosity and respect.

What I want is more complex than “to fuck.”

I want to fuck sometimes and just to not fuck other times.

I want to give and receive.

I want to feel like she respects me enough in our friendship so that when she grabs a handful of my hair and thrusts her clit into my face, I don’t feel a lack of respect.

I want to respect her enough in our friendship so that when she chokes on my cock, she doesn’t feel a lack of respect.

I want for it sometimes to be Her Day and sometimes to be My Day.

I want to be able to hear/say some days, “I only have 15 minutes, let’s fuck quickly.” And I want to be able to hear/say other days, “I don’t feel like having sex right now, can we just hang out?”

I want to be part of a subset of humans who treat each other like living-breathing-feeling; intelligent-emotional-sexual; honest, complete human beings.

I want community, mutual respect, friendship, and fucking; in that order.

Or I don’t want anything at all.

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or 5 Important Differences Between Sex Blogs and Sex Politics Blogs

Sex politics blogs come with an ulterior motive – an agenda that sneaks around the corner behind every word, staining those words, for better or worse, in its own colors.

That agenda may be to promote:
Gay rights
Male rights activism
A product
A religion

Here are 5 crucial differences between sex blogs and sex politics blogs:

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