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#4: The Joyrider

SexyLittleIdeas.comCandy Series
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Campaign: Vitamin Water
Production: Arturo Ortega
Photographer: Arturo Ortega
Model: Joe Johnstun, Susana Jimenez


Sinful Sunday

42 kinds of casual sex


42 kinds casual sex sexylittleideas

or A Cynical Look at Some of the Reasons People Fuck Each Other

Guy Who Needs to Feel Special

Girl Who Needs to Quiet Her Sex Drive so She Can Focus on Work

Guy Who Gets Super Drunk and Wants to Fuck Something, Anything

Girl with Boyfriend Who Needs an Occasional Breath of Fresh Air

Guy Proving to Himself That He’s a Badass

Girl Going Through a Rebellious Phase

Guy Who’s Now an Independent Adult and Can Do What He Likes

Girl Experimenting with Her Body

Guy Proving to Himself That He’s Still Young and Carefree

Rebound Girl

Guy on the Brink of Falling in Love with Everything

Girl with Inferiority Complex Fucking to Feel Better About Herself

Guy on Vacation Going Wild Fucking Everything in His Path

Totally Not That Kind of Girl Who Has No Idea What Got into Her

Guy Who Needs to Feel Close to Someone

Girl Who Smokes and Drinks and Drugs and Doesn’t Give a Shit About Anything

New in the City, Making Friends

Heard About You from Her Friend

Guy Who Only Likes a Specific Kind of Sex or Body Type

Lesbian Couple Spicing up Their Relationship

Straight Couple Spicing up Their Relationship

Girl Who Wants to Get Back at Her Friend/Parent/Sibling/Loved One

Guy Who Wants to Be Like that Guy He Saw on TV

Girl Who Feels Such a Strong Connection with You

Guy Who Has so Much in Common with You

Girl Who’s Bored

Guy Who’s Impressed

Girl Who Feels She Owes You Sex

Guy Who Feels You Owe Him Sex

Girl Who Fucks Because She’s There and You’re There

Guy Who Fucks Because……..Party Woohooo!

Girl Who Wants a Story to Tell Her Friends

Guy Who Wants to Feel Superior to His Friends

Girl Who Wants to Celebrate

Guy Who Is Crazy (I Mean Literally Having a Psychotic Episode)

Girl Who Wants to Be Famous

Guy Who Wants to Try Something His Girlfriend/Wife Would Never Go For

Girl Who Doesn’t Want to Waste All the Time/Money She Spent on You Before You Turned out to Be a Jerk/Catfish

Guy Who Wants to Forget About His Ex

Girl Who Can’t Have Who She Really Wants so Fine She’ll Just Settle for You

Guy Who Just Wants to Feel Good

Girl Who Just Wants to Feel Good

kisses, liaisons, and fucking: june- e[lust] 83


Elust 82 Header Holden and Camille Photo courtesy of Holden and Camille

Welcome to Elust #83

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

London Crows and London Kisses

I am Her. She is Me.

You Say You Want to Cook for Me


~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Unusual Liaison

Community. Respect. Friendship. Fucking.

~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Dirty Little Secrets

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how to kill fewer people


how to kill fewer people sexylittleideas

or A Short Study on Weapons Legislation vs Crazy People

I think the gun control issue is a question of percentages. We have to weigh acceptable Weapons Legislation against the percentage of Crazy People with a Chance of Going on Killing Sprees. If the latter was exceptionally high, say around 50% of the population, we might only legalize the possession of exceptionally mild weapons such as swords or slingshots. If we had 0% Crazy People, we might be able to legalize nuclear bombs and light sabers.

To decide where you are as a rational person on the issue of gun control, you have to decide how many people you are comfortable with putting at risk of dying, say each year, in Crazy Person Killing Sprees.

In a nation of 320 million people, you have to assume that there will be some Crazy People and that some of them will go on Killing Sprees for whatever Crazy Reason. If all they have is slingshots or their bare hands, they will be able to kill very few people, maybe one or two per incident. If they have nuclear bombs, they will be able to kill maybe 100,000 per incident.

Weapons Legislation usually looks at weapons and victim numbers somewhere inbetween those two extremes.

secrets everyone knows


secrets everyone knows sexylittleideas

  • That Bruce Wayne is Batman.

  • Where the G-spot is.

  • What happens at Fight Club (pretty self-explanatory).

  • Adriana Lima.

  • James Bond.

  • What the (not-so) Secret Service does.

  • Who Luke’s father is.

  • The gross things that Lannister siblings do to each other.

  • Who really makes your Nikes.

  • Santa.
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