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#5: The Magician

SexyLittleIdeas.comCandy Series
Previously – #4 The Joyrider

Runway: Intermoda
Production: Informa Models
Designer: UNICO
Model: Joe Johnstun

Matryoshka surprise.

Sinful Sunday

9 terrible life hacks that you should never try


terrible life hacks sexylittleideas

or UnSexyLittleIdeas

How to Get Away with Smoking:
1. Get sick of people criticizing you for smoking cigarettes.
2. Get horribly addicted to meth.
3. Manage to miraculously quit meth.
4. Everyone congratulates you for the rest of your life for only smoking cigarettes.

1. Be a bad influence.
2. Date spoiled rich princesses.
3. Their rich parents offer to pay you to stop dating their precious daughters.
4. Accept money.

How to Look Really Good:
1. Work out every day.
2. Have good genes.
3. It’s not that hard.

Fight Juvenile Delinquency:
1. Catch a minor smoking weed.
2. Steal the weed.
3. Save the minor.
4. Free weed.

1. Get bitten by a werewolf.
2. Become an astronaut.
3. Go to the moon.
4. BOOM – you’re a permanent werewolf.


purloined panties, prey date, and 10 commandments of sex: august- e[lust] 85


Elust 85 header Photo courtesy of Cheeky Minx

Welcome to Elust 85

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

The Case of the Purloined Panties


~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

The Inspection Zone
Date with prey


~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~


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Erotic Fiction

After Dark
Night World Flash Fiction
Temper temper
How to Start Super Sex
Nobody Comes Looking For Me
it was time to play

Erotic Non-Fiction

Cunnilingus. The Most Special Intimate Kiss
Nastya is nasty
“Do you want to cum in my mouth?” A Memoir
Humiliation: Raylene’s caning 2

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Come as you are…
A Case for Good Men
Changing Labels
10 Commandments of Courteous Casual Sex
The Aftermath
I miss you

masturbation vs. sex: a rational argument


case masturbation sexylittleideas

or Why You Should Just Stay Home and Jerk Off

When making a case for something, there are a lot of ways to compare the options.

Let’s use your computer as an example.

You can compare for price: cheaper is better.

You can compare for graphics: prettier is better.

You can compare for speed: faster is better.

You can compare for energy: more efficient is better.

You can compare for popularity: the more people like it the better.

You can compare for memory: the better memory, the better.

You can compare for danger: safer is better.

Or you can compare for value – performance rated against cost: the lowest cost for the highest performance wins.

It all depends on what you want out of the product – and out of life.

Sex, it could be said, is more or less the same.

sex bashers


sex bashers sexylittleideas

or Sex Negative

Heterosexuals bash gays.

Gays bash bisexuals.

Bisexuals bash transsexuals.

Transsexuals bash polys.

Polys bash swingers.

Swingers bash voyeurs.

Voyeurs bash porn.

Porn bashes feminists.

Feminists bash sex workers.

Sex workers bash sadomasochists.

Sadomasochists bash urophiliacs.

Urophiliacs bash coprophiliacs.

Coprophiliacs bash vanillas.

Ad infinitum.

sex positive sex politics sexylittleideas

Sex positive means that we’re positive about sex (between consenting adults). Not just our own sex, all kinds of sex in all kinds of forms.

Why can’t we all be less Sex Politics and more Sex Positive?

But how about those asexuals, huh? What assholes!

sex negative sexylittleideas

ideaholic – sexylittleideas


ideaholic sexylittleideas


Photo by: Peggy Kellough
Model: I

SexyLittleIdeas: DO try this at home.
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Below is a Shot From Below for the Weekly Prompt. 🙂

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