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#6: The Butler

SexyLittleIdeas.comCandy Series
Previously – #5 The Magician

Campaign: Dione
Production: Bottega Fotografica (Gabriela Hernandez)
Photographer: Alessandro Volpi
Model: Giuliana Gabassi, Joe Johnstun

The Butler definitely did it.

Sinful Sunday

how to fuck a zombie


how to fuck a zombie sexylittleideas

or Bed of the Dead

No, not an actual reanimated corpse.

A Zombie is someone who mostly just lays there during sex and expects you to do all the heavy lifting.

A consenting Zombie.

Zombies may rise from their grave to twitch or spasm from time to time, and they may even make faint, postmortem moaning sounds with their mouths. Don’t let these slight aberrations fool you. A Zombie is a Zombie and must be fucked in a certain way.

Despite the age of sexual enlightenment in which we are supposedly currently steeped, there are still a surprising amount of Zombies roaming our streets, nightclubs, hookup apps, and bedrooms. Here is how to successfully fuck a Zombie should you ever encounter one.

Unless you’re into the whole Zombie thing, it’s up to you to turn yourself on. This usually requires either objectification or imagination.

If you are the kind of person who can focus on a certain attribute or body part (Look at these big titties!) rather than feeding off the sexual energy between you (or starving off the lack of it), you shouldn’t have a problem. If you are not that kind of person, you may have to use your imagination.

Picture a recent sexual encounter or a favorite sexual fantasy – anything to keep your mind (and body) in the game. One of the saddest things you can picture is an idealized version of your partner – how beautiful and sensual she or he would be if they would actually move around. Tragic though it may be, it’s worth it if it works to give both of you a more satisfying sexual experience.

Again, if you are into the whole control thing, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

If not, get into it.

If you don’t take control, you will be tediously rocking back and forth in the same gently-stacked position for the entire disappointing duration. The Zombie Problem is one of the reasons married couples usually just end up falling into the lackluster sex patterns they are known for (Married Sex Syndrome).

If you can learn to take control and enjoy it, the Zombie Problem will practically solve itself. In fact, if you enjoy being in control, a Zombie could be a perfect match for you. There’s nothing worse than two live people who are simultaneously trying to take control, but that’s a problem for a different post.

Where Imagination is what will make your Zombie Experience exciting and Control is what will make it satisfying, Creativity is what will make it fun.

Since your Zombie, by definition, is trusting in you to make all the moves, feel free to go a little wild. Conventional Sex is for Conventional Partners; Zombies are for having fun.

And no, this isn’t permission to push the boundaries beyond what your Zombie is comfortable with – make sure your Zombie knows they are free to pass on anything at any time. Creativity is not coercion; Creativity is consensual initiative.

If you’re not the spontaneous type, give a bit of thought beforehand to things you would like to try out with your Zombie. You can make brief mental notes to refer to during your Zombie Apocalypse in case you find yourself drawing a blank in the moment (like: Mirror or Blindfold or Chair).

Zombies have needs too. As the leader, it’s your job to be sensitive to your Zombie’s needs.

If your sexual partner is bad at articulating (physically or verbally) what they like, it’s up to you to figure it out. Try different degrees on different spectrums: Slow to Fast, Light to Heavy, Shallow to Deep, Perpendicular to Circular, Whisper to Scream, Wet to Extremely Wet. Try to tune your frequency finely to theirs so that you can pick up the faint signals they may be sending out.

Night of the Living Dead
There are varying degrees of Zombie. A perfectly live human may have Zombie Lips or Zombie Hips. Zombies rarely know that they are Zombies, which is why communication is so important. If you think you may be a Zombie, or you wish your partner were less of one, pick their brains on the subject a bit and try to get their perspective.

There are different degrees of physical activity and sexual energy in every sexual encounter, and unless both of you are on the exact same page, every encounter may have one body that is undeader than the other. You may be fucking a Zombie today, but you may be one tomorrow. So have some empathy and try to give your Zombie a good time.

11 life laws for the selfie generation


life laws selfie generation sexylittleideas

or SexyLittleLaws to Live By

Instagram Law
Never trust in bed a woman who asks you to follow her on Instagram and then doesn’t follow you back.

Low-Hanging Law
The fruit always looks much bigger on the tree, before you pick it.

Oreo Law
If you eat an Oreo in the woods & no one is there to see, it doesn’t count and will not make you fat.

Coffee Proof
When you say, “Get over yourself!” to someone & then they throw their coffee in your face, it is proof they did not get over themselves.

Dark Law
Angels make the best demons.

The Law of Looking
When you expend too much energy trying to look smart or sexy or cool or sporty, you are left with too little energy to actually be smart or sexy or cool or sporty.
Counterintuitively, looking tends to actually take away from being.

Buffet Law
Always get high before going to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The Law of Dick
If everything a man ever says to a woman means “Want some dick?” then everything a woman ever says to a man means “Can you please offer me some dick!”

Piano Law
Piano players should get jobs in which playing piano is a benefit.

The Law of the Americas
Your Northern neighbors will treat you about as well as you treat your Southern neighbors.

Anthropomorphic Law
Whether monster or mouse, always be proud of what you are.

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