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joe solves gun control.


or The Gun Hoax

I don’t believe in guns.

We’re just supposed to believe that some kind of fire contraption can light up some kind of mystical powder that will cause a tiny, tiny explosion and propel a little piece of metal in a straight, forward-moving direction towards ‘exactly’ where you aim it? And that somehow that fun-sized chunk of metal can take out an entire human being?

Sounds like bullshit to me.

I’m not a gun scientist, but I’ve never seen a person killed by a gun, except in movies of course, where it happens ALL. THE. TIME. But just because you see it in the movies, people, doesn’t mean it’s real. Wake up.

All this ‘evidence’ that you see connecting shooting deaths to guns is CIRCUMSTANTIAL. People die every day, and just because there happened to be a gun around at the time doesn’t automatically make those deaths gun-made. So a vast ‘majority’ of forensic scientists will tell you about their supposed ‘consensus’ connecting the two, but the truth is that nobody really knows. Tell me that it’s not in those ‘scientists’ best interests to claim that those deaths are occurring as a result of gun activity.

Of course they all agree; their jobs depend on it. The problem is that We The People aren’t idiots. Forensic experts and supposedly ‘scientific’ alarmists need to tell us the truth and stop mis-characterizing gun technology as settled science.

The truth is that the gun hoax is being used politically in order for governments to gain control over the private sector.

What if powerful people just made up this mysterious and fantastical ‘gun’ in order to scare the rest of us and keep us under control? If you think about it, without these magical ‘guns,’ there’s no way these powerful people could keep all of us under control. Try to control 7 billion people with lances or catapults. It’s a logistical nightmare. Their entire authority scheme hinges on this one story that they tell us about their powerful wizards with their magical wands.

What if that story was a fairytale?

Hitler said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” The Gun Hoax is the mother of all lies – so brazen and epic that it seems implausible that it could possibly be false. But it is false. It is propaganda, pure and simple.

You have the right to dissent. Don’t let them take that away from you.



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joe solves superheroes.


The problem with superhero movies is the lack of absolutely ANY lasting negative consequences.

Die? Come back to life.

Lose your powers? Get way better powers.

Get arrested? Escape.

Lose an arm? Bionic arm.

(Box office bomb? Reboot.)

No wonder there are so many villains. If you lived in a world where there were zero lasting negative consequences to your actions, you’d probably be a villain too.

Audiences are getting sick of it. Maybe that will be a lasting negative consequence they can’t ignore.

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joe solves music.


If you ask me what genre of music I like, I’ll tell you I like Music That Is Made For People Who Make Music.

Music That Understands It Is Part Of A Conservation That We’re All Adding To.

That’s why I don’t listen to 80s or 90s music, or The Beatles, or music that tries to sound like oldies. I think we’ve pretty much already covered those topics around 20. Freaking. Years. Ago.

It’s disrespectful to the people who are still having the conservation to butt in with some non sequitur throwback to a theme that’s already been thoroughly discussed and then moved on from. When you keep popping up with that feel-good story from your high school years (that we’ve all already heard a million times), my mind starts to wander.

Don’t be that guy, bro. Don’t be that guy.

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