archer trump sexylittleideas

Walter White would definitely vote for fellow empire-builder Trump.

You know Jesse Pinkman was hardcore Trump, bitch.

Saul Goodman probably voted Trump.

One sociopath to another, Dexter would be a killer Trump voter.

FBI agents & conspiracy theorists Mulder & Scully would have hated Hillary, voted Trump.

As a friend & supporter of the hacking community, I can see how Mr. Trump might have even appealed to Mr. Robot.

Barney Stinson would have been a legendary Trump supporter.

The entire Modern Family would be huge Trump cheerleaders (yes, even Gloria, statistically speaking).

All of the Sopranos would have taken great pleasure in voting for Trump.

Those adorable kids on Stranger Things? -All their fictional parents would have been fictional Trump voters.

The entire Lannister family INCLUDING Tyrion– definitely Trump voters.

Yer darn tootin’ sure all the characters in Fargo voted Trump.

Fellow millionaire Bruce Wayne would definitely vote for the President the US deserves: Donald Trump.

Frank Underwood would’ve voted Hillary.

As the mature & adult thing to do, Seinfield would definitely NOT have voted for Hillary.

Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel – all your favorite Friends characters would be big Trump supporters.

Ash & all of the Evil Dead definitely moonlighted as Trump supporters, baby.

No question, Rick Grimes would have voted Trump. For Carl.

Daryl & Carol would have definitely voted Trump. Glenn probably would have voted Hillary (had his head not been split open).

Don Draper would have voted Trump like there was no tomorrow.

Piper Chapman would probably be a Trump supporter.

Oliver Queen would totally have voted Trump. (Hillary failed his city.)

And you KNOW Archer Sterling was one shitsnacking proud idiot Trump voter.