or The Bloggers Are on Fire

Even after knowing him for years, he awakened in me the kind of lust and longing and hunger that made me want to follow him anywhere.
Kenny looked at me from the inside out.

Thanks to the personal computer and the Internet, every man is now at home with his god. The corrupt, uncool suits and cassocks who used to intercede have been swept aside and the Word can be enjoyed directly and free from distortion, compressed by pure, clean mathematics, not dogma.

One of best things about be womens be that we have orgasms that tend for be self-contain. No get wrong me: if squirt that be complete fine, simple get out string mop, clean and forget about, but if no squirt it simple mean that orgasm no produce edible by-product and no require drop sheets.

Those who judge nonmonogamists the harshest are those who are afraid monogamy doesn’t actually work because they’ve struggled with it themselves and/or know others who have.

Texting or FB messaging is the opposite of simultaneous orgasm – minimal information, minimal connection, minimal synchrony.
If the Millennials’ dating world minimizes and delays vulnerability, openness, and emotional risk-taking, then what prepares them for the intimacy of attuned, passionate, connected sex?
I dread that they will set up camp in relationships where the sex is half-engaged, half distant, more akin to side-by-side masturbation, using someone else’s genitals as your sex toy, and not even realize what else there is.

Seriously, the shit feminist bloggers get up to on sex work blogs? Absolutely vile. I didn’t want to be that. I didn’t want to open my mouth and come out with some privileged, contemptuous, paternalistic shit. … Sex work isn’t the problem; abuse is, and …that’s not all coming from the abusers, okay — some asshole white middle-class feminist spouting off about exploitation of the poor street walkers who need to be saved is nothing if not privileged dehumanization.

If we abolish what we currently call marriage, people are still going to find a way to hook their lives to one another, because that is a basic human need, and they will do it symbolically and ritualistically, because that is a basic human need. If we get rid of what we currently call sex work, we will still have people placing value on sex/intimacy/love, because those are things that have value to us, and where there is value there is negotiation, trade and compromise.

Virginity cannot be lost. There is no loss. There is only gain.

Culturally, words like ‘plump’ and ‘curvy’ are used to avoid the word ‘fat,’ but in reality, this just lends more negative power to it. The word ‘fat’ is a descriptor, and we need to stop endowing it with negative connotations. Let’s just call a spade a spade. I am fat.

Of all the archetypes cinema has to offer, the Hooker with a Heart of Gold is easily our favorite. The world could use more confidence sex workers who enjoy sharing their wisdom–let’s get one in every political office we can! We’re not saying we have to elect former prostitutes to every position of power, but we at least need them in advisory positions so they can stand in the doorways of senators’ offices with their breasts out wearing cutoffs and tell everybody what’s what.