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A Thought Experiment

The Blind Taste Test is a thought experiment that can be helpful in one way and very unhelpful in another.

I’m straight and she’s gay and you’re confused.

Imagine the three of us on three separate beds in a row completely naked. Three curtains hang down from the roof to fall around our waists separating our lower halves from our upper halves. We can’t see our feet. We can’t see anything below our naked waists. (Blind.)

Then, imagine that three entities (soft, wet, amorphous), invisible to us behind the curtains, begin to do things to our hidden lower halves. Very pleasant things. Things we like. Exactly the things we like. (Taste.)

We have no idea of their identities or genders (male, female, toy, robot). All we know is how they make us feel. And it’s wonderful. The three of us just close our eyes and relax. (Test.)

How this thought experiment can be unhelpful to us is by identifying the genders behind the curtains and saying, that one was a man and you liked it so you’re homosexual, that one was also a man and she liked it so she’s heterosexual, and that one was a robot and I liked it so I’m technosexual.

The fact is, our bodies are machines too, and machines respond when the right buttons are pressed. When you run hard, you sweat, even if you’re late for an important meeting and you don’t want to arrive all sweaty. You sweat when you exert yourself whether you want to or not. That’s your body’s physiological response. Laughing when you are tickled doesn’t mean you’re having a good time. Your physiological response to tickling doesn’t determine your state of mind.

And your physiological response to sexual stimulation doesn’t determine your sexuality.

How this thought experiment can be helpful to us is by identifying what goes through our minds while our bodies are being made to feel great (what we are imagining is behind the curtain). What goes through our head is an actual choice we can make, and we can even try different things, cycle through various options (blonde, redhead, Johnny Depp, Hitachi Magic Wand) to see what makes us feel best and what magnifies our body’s pleasure into a state of increased mental arousal.

Identifying what goes through our minds in response to unknown sexual stimulation can be a judgement-free way to help us discover important things about our sexuality.

I am imagining a beautiful woman with full, red lips. She is imagining a tall, slender woman with slender fingers and one side of her head shaved.

And you, what are you imagining?