or Enhanced Monogamy and Other Great Sex-Bytes

Beauty without charm might get you a treat on your first visit, but charm will get you personal recommendations, a birthday dessert, or a table without a reservation. Charm is a much better foundation and it’s a lot less likely to disappear over time. Besides, in my experience, charming people make excellent lovers. Just saying.

Yes, we made a valiant stab at (the word) vagina, as it were, but it’s time to accept that “vagina” is just not gonna happen.
Vaginas get examined and might require special ointments. Vaginas rile overly vigilant feminists when used improperly in place of vulva. Vaginas do not get fucked.

Everyone knows that the fastest way to make an orgasm run for the hills is to put it under pressure and stress it out.

My safe word (is) “Ouch, ouch, that hurts!”

One of the men sums up what most of the men tell me: men get married so that they can get sex without having to pay so much attention, and women get married so they can get him on lockdown and finally get all the attention they want.
And the consensus seems to be that women are crazy and too much work.
The only way that I escape this label is the abundance created from my open source dating world. I don’t need to squeeze any one man dry because I can enjoy the few drops from many and still have a full cup.

..It’s entirely possible to cheat even if you’re polyamorous: cheating means breaking the relationship agreement, it’s not about the exact mechanics of the sexual act.

(Analyzing) the problematics of the word “cheating” (show) how its meaning implies that love and sex is a game: that there are winners and losers and one can trick one’s partner(s) into getting extra sex or extra pleasure or whatever.

“I usually wake up thinking, ‘Who am I going to fuck today?’” says Daniels. “But today it’s ‘Who’s going to fuck me?’”

Yeah, monogamy is great, but you know what’s even better? Enhanced monogamy!

While I did not have a degree in penisology, I most certainly considered myself an expert on the subject. I have had hundreds of penis playdates.