frantic sex sexylittleideas
…when you end up half-naked in the downstairs hallway because you’re too engrossed to press pause and find a room.

…when you forget about any misgivings you might have had after only a couple seconds of hot breath, friction, and fingernails.

…when you can still taste the frantic bubbling up from just underneath even when the surface looks calm.

…clawing, shoving, thrusting, digging, clenching, and strange, foreign body angles.

…too intense to stop and remove all your clothes.

…when the journey is so enthralling that you don’t care about the destination.

…primeval, instinctual, animalistic.

…when you don’t care what you look like or sound like, only what you feel like.

…two ravenous, gluttonous, brutish beasts holding each other down and plundering each other’s bodies, pillaging what they need out of the other and then allowing themselves to be pillaged in turn.



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