Celebrating Christmas is like trying to enjoy House of Cards after the #MeToo movement.

Yes, it’s a fun TV show, but because Kevin Spacey raped a bunch of kids when he was younger, that kind of ruins all the fun.

House of Cards, like Christmas, began as something innocuous & entertaining. Then it became something ugly, so it was canceled by humanity until it could root out all its ugliness from within. Until it does that, however, there are plenty of OTHER shows to watch so we don’t have to think about that particular one.

Celebrating Christmas as a non-religious holiday doesn’t work either. When you say you celebrate Christmas for the children or the family or for some other meaning you arbitrarily assigned to it, all you’re doing is ignoring-ergo-fueling the perversion. It’s like saying, “In my house, we watch House of Cards not a showcase for a child rapist but as a political celebration.”

In other words, “I make it pure because I am naive.”

No, you don’t.

I wish it worked that way, but it doesn’t.

We can do better than this.