how to tell how attractive man sexylittleideas
or The Pursuit of Pussy

Men throughout history have been generally straightforward in their definition of attractive women. And although the details may have evolved slightly, it pretty much has always come down to some combination of looks + bod + nothing else.

Women, on the other hand, are well known for being far less straightforward in their definition of attractive men. A man can be too muscular or too pretty or too nice. Perfectly beautiful men can open their mouths and somehow ruin things. Short men statistically get more sex than tall men. Something as nebulous as a sense of humor can elicit a sexual response. Inexplicably, old ass politicians are still on millions of bucket fuck-it lists. And we’ve all seen that ugly little bald man with the pot belly and loads of attitude who gets laid way more than us.

But there is a way to objectively determine how attractive a man really is (to women) by measuring one factor and one alone. There is one attitude that can be objectively observed and explicitly examined that can show and tell us once and for all how attractive that man really is to a large percentage of women.

You can tell how attractive a man really is by how sick he is of pussy.

‘Attractive’ in this context doesn’t refer to physical appearance only. It refers to a confluence of qualities – social skills, alpha-ness, money, power, confidence, humor, looks, body – that women find attractive.

‘Sick’ in this context doesn’t refer to a permanent state of spurning. It refers to circumstances in which a person gets enough of a thing so that he/she may still enjoy it but isn’t constantly chasing it.

This observation works to a much lesser extent with assessing the attractiveness of women: because all girls can get most dick most of the time. (That means that all women – big or small, rich or poor, young or old – pretty much walk around in a permanent state of sick of dick.)

But most men can’t.

Most men have to work hard for their pussy, and they value it, they appreciate it, and they cherish it.

But not the attractive man.

Because it’s a simple fact of nature that the more you get of something the less motivated you are to chase it. So the more attractive a man really is, the more pussy will fall in his lap, and therefore the less motivated he will be to chase it.

Think about that the next time you see that beautiful, perfect, sociable man, metaphorically on his knees just begging for that girl to go home with him. He just must not be essentially that attractive after all.

Think about it the next time your friend with the chiseled abs and the golden hair is running around chasing another skirt. There must be something, and I don’t know what it is, but I guarantee there is something about him that women just don’t find that attractive.

Think about how much time you spend in pursuit of pussy.