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or Equality vs ME-quality

Equality will always come in second to ME-quality.

No matter how pressing the problems of a different social group may objectively become, the problems of your own social group will always matter more to the majority of human beings. This is just a simple fact about humans and how our survival instinct has evolved.

It is statistically true that there has been an imbalance of power in favor of men for far too many years now. This power imbalance applies across many areas of life including politically, domestically, financially, and socially.

I believe the imbalance may be due mostly or in part to the higher average strength and agility levels of the male gender, which are of course due to our higher testosterone levels. The imbalance may have originated in cave-times, when brute strength correlated more closely with power, and then carried over to modern times.

Now the power imbalance is slowly disappearing as our one male advantage of brute strength matters less and less in everyday life. We as a species are focusing more on the other human skill sets in which males and females have more equal abilities: general intelligence, strategizing, creativity, memory, social manipulation, economic productivity, etc.

So when someone complains about the way “men” (or “women”) act, I think it’s silly. The entire premise of feminism is predicated on the intellectual, social, and sexual equality of the genders. The one remaining difference is our programming, whether social, cultural, or parental.

So if a generic man acts a certain way in a certain situation, you can be sure that if you put a generic woman in an identical situation, she will respond in a similar manner.

Rich guys love to show off their wealth; Rich girls love to show off their wealth.

Attractive girls are divas; Attractive guys are divas.

Cool guys act like they don’t give a fuck; Cool girls act like they don’t give a fuck.

(Most of them actually do give a fuck.)

For every entitled male, there is an equally entitled female.

For every offensive male trope about women, there is an equally offensive female trope about men.

For every male gaze, there is an equally penetrating female gaze.

Let’s not kid ourselves.

Whether it’s race, gender, sexual orientation, economic class or whatever, lumping together everyone in a certain group strikes me as unfair.