I hate rants on blogs! They’re so stupid!

There’s nothing worse than a rant on a blog! It’s so dumb, there’s no point to it! All these people just spewing out the first things that come to mind about their bigoted opinions, just sounding like close-minded idiots screaming away at themselves. It’s like, if you’re gonna sit there and be all furious and start calling people names and generalizations just to support your own angry little thoughts because something riled you all up, well you should just go stand in the corner and I mean it. And that goes for all of you!

I hate people that rant on their blogs! It’s so unloving! It just promotes all this anger and hatred and bad feelings going around and there’s nothing uplifting or positive about it! Why do people do this?

And the little “solutions” they try to offer, well, they never work anyway. They’re not well thought out, not prayed about, not offered in a well-rounded, balanced way, it’s just the first thing that comes to the person’s mind and they never work. People should just stop altogether.

They’re just dragging down the blogging world with their complaining! They’re painting bloggers around the world as this angry bunch of people with nothing better to do than vent their feelings on the Internet because they have no actual friends who will listen to them probably, that’s what it is. All they can do is sit at their little computers and complain to the Internet because they’re too gutless and nerdy to do otherwise. Well maybe they should just keep it to themselves and go talk to their shrinks.

For God’s sake, stop complaining! All you people are doing is making a fool of yourselves, that’s it. Go direct your anger at something positive and stop wasting your time writing posts that go on and on ranting about some dumb thing.

It’s so stupid.

I would never do that.