There are two ways to become Instafamous:

The hard way involves relentlessly uploading photos of your ass in hashtag-worthy poses and then taking the time to interact with your budding fan base using genuine human friendliness.

The easy way involves just throwing some money around. And not even that much money.

Mediakix, an influencer marketing service, recently conducted an experiment where researchers created two fictitious Instagram accounts filled entirely with bought followers, likes, and comments to see if brands would take the bait. Take the bait they did, and the fake accounts almost immediately received four paid brand deals involving monetary compensation and free products. Although they did not disclose exactly how much they spent on their Instafame, they did give rough estimates of average individual follower/like/comment prices, which we added up to bring you a few juicy totals.

Prices are in US dollars:

  • 30k followers = $240
  • 26.5k likes = $185
  • 730 comments = $90

The price of Instafame is officially $515.

Instafame solved.