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#8: Grinchmas
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or A Good Reason to Celebrate Christmas

Everybody’s Doing It is a terrible reason to celebrate Christmas.

It’s almost a worse reason than the actual reason people celebrate Christmas.

Everybody’s Doing It is a terrible reason to do anything.

That’s How It’s Always Done is also a non-starter.

If dedicating a special day to love and peace and family is your reason, fine – but that sounds to me more like an excuse to not pay any attention to those things the entire rest of the year. Even Christians, the original inventors of Christmas, themselves preach that this type of Christmas spirit should be celebrated year-round.

So unless your god came to earth as a baby to save you from your sins, really think about it – what are you doing?

If you have a good reason to celebrate Christmas, in its current form on its current date, I would love to hear it.

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