or Are Bloggers More Opinionated Than Regular Human Beings?

It was only half-hard by this point – just the way I like it. I love bringing it to life.

If we expand our idea about what ‘counts’ as sex (kissing, stroking, whispering, rubbing, massaging, sexting, masturbating) we can also expand on what body parts count as potential sex organs (fingers, hand, thigh, wrist, neck, tongue, ear).

This is a reason not to drink, kids. Not because you might do terrible things you will regret. Oh no. It’s because you might do awesome things and not remember.

Rather like falling asleep, reaching orgasm is something which is much more difficult the more you are trying to do it. Also it can be very hard to ‘give’ an orgasm to another person: often they need to stimulate themselves in some way, at least initially to show you how their body works.

The cuddle soon changed to fucking.

It is more helpful to regard reaching our destination as a side effect of embarking on and enjoying our journey.

I lead the dance initially, throwing out a high speed combination of nouns and verbs designed to wet her panties and leave her breathless. It worked and she answered with her own barrage of sexiness, until I was painfully hard and more than damp. It was like riding a bike, but the kind of bike that takes partnership, cooperation, collaboration. Sexy, steamy, naughty collaboration.

Non-consensual sex happens in long-term relationships too.

There is nothing that I have that I can say to you to explain myself. I paint the world with words. It’s all I have, but in this case I am out of paint.

There is a lack of consideration of how relatively few people actually fit into rigid gender roles, and how many people have kinky fantasies (up to two thirds) or have secretly non-monogamous relationships like affairs (a similar number).