polyphobia awareness month sexylittleideas

polyphobia – definition: An extreme and irrational aversion, fear of or antipathy toward polyamory or polyamorists.

A polyphobe is someone who hates or fears polyamorists or treats them badly.

This month, let’s turn our attention to our own fear of or aversion toward the polyamorous people in our life, or the polyamorous side of our own self. Let’s see if we can make a little progress toward clearing up the centuries of hatred and misguided fear that society has directed toward people who love more than one person.

Polyamorists are beautiful, loving, honest people and responsible and productive members of both families and society in general. If we continue to denounce them in our minds and condemn them in our media, we will be closing ourselves off to large, lovely swaths of humanity. Polyphobia compels the millions who form part of this sexual minority to live in ostracism and exclusion – for the timid, in their polyamorous closets, and for the bold, in smoldering and covetous rejection by the small-minded.

Recent statistics demonstrate that some form of polyamory is practiced by 15-28% of heterosexual couples, around the same for lesbian couples, and up to 65% of gay male couples.

It’s time to quit being petty about other people’s sexual lives.

There are a lot more sexual deviants than you might think.