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or 5 Important Differences Between Sex Blogs and Sex Politics Blogs

Sex politics blogs come with an ulterior motive – an agenda that sneaks around the corner behind every word, staining those words, for better or worse, in its own colors.

That agenda may be to promote:
Gay rights
Male rights activism
A product
A religion

Here are 5 crucial differences between sex blogs and sex politics blogs:

  • 1. Sex politics blogs have an agenda beyond just being sex positive. Sex blogs just love sex.
  • 2. Sex politics blogs are often fueled by some kind of outrage over perceived inequality. Sex blogs are fueled by fun.
  • 3. Sex politics is about breaking apart. Sex is about coming together.
  • 4. Sex politics is about conflict and power. Sex is about enjoying yourself. Both are very necessary and very different. But let’s not mistake one for the other.
  • 5. Sex blogs want you to have sex. Sex politics blogs want you to have sex if… There is always an if involved. I just don’t think that sex between consenting adults should come with any caveats.

Bigots deserve to have good sex too.

Both the freaks and the faithful need their fun. My job, as a sex positive writer, is to focus on the fun and leave the politics to the politicians.

sex politics agenda sexylittleideas
I have been guilty of sex politics. I have written about non-monogamy, gay rights, Donald Trump, racism, feminism, victim-blaming, slut-shaming, health, etc, etc. Maybe as long as I keep my agendas varied and conflicting, all of my disparate, day-to-day politics will cancel each other out, and the one resounding message that will emerge from all the noise will be the one that I always intended to convey to you from the beginning, and that is:

  • Have fun.

If you want your sex served monogamous or kinky or curvy or nasty or friendly or in exchange for drinks and dinner or just free and free

Go for it.

I for one will not bash you.