The good thing about the Harlem Shake fad getting old is that when famous people get old, that’s when they start getting naked to stay famous. On a side note, why are sexy girls always fingering their phones in the inactive period before Harlem Shaking? Logical conclusion: hot attention whores spend most of their entire lives on their phones?

Here are the top five nakedest and sexiest Harlem Shake videos:

1. Sexy, Naked College Harlem Shake

2. Classic Porn Harlem Shake

3. Hair and Makeup Harlem Shake Orgy

4. Shy Girl Goes Crazy and Turns out to Have Perfect Huge Boobs Harlem Shake

5. Thai Stripper “I Hope These Are Actually Women” Sexy Harlem Shake

And here are the runners-up:

Three Hot Clones Harlem Shake
Suicide Girls Harlem Shake
Weird Wrestler Girl Naked Windmill Harlem Shake
Too Much Lingerie Harlem Shake
Ass Shaking Close-up Harlem Shake
Is This Even a Real Harlem Shake? At Least It’s Naked and Sexy..
And the Top 6 Sexiest Clothed Harlem Shakes (this one includes Girls Gone Wild, Playboy, and other clothed orgy Harlem Shakes)