sexy little excuses sexylittleideas
or The Excuses We Tell Ourselves
(Allow me to commit the crime of generalization to make a finer point.)

He said:

Let’s hang out.

Come over and watch a movie.

I want to show you my collection of vintage records.

Let’s listen to some music at my place.

Come back for a nightcap.

I want to cook for you.

Do you know how to play gin rummy?

Baby, it’s cold outside.

I have some candy in my car.

Girls need ‘let’s hang out’ excuses to have sex.

Putting aside long-term relationships, marriages, and women over 30 who know exactly what they want, it’s rare to find a girl who will admit that sex was on her mind before it organically, magically just happened out of nowhere with you.

This is why dick pics don’t really work on girls.


She said:

Do you want to get out of here?

Come over and help me get a little exercise.

I’ve been having dirty thoughts about you.

Let’s get drunk together.

Come and see me, I need to relax.

Wanna come over and play tennis?

Come skinny dipping with me.

Can’t wait to feel you.

I’ve noticed you around.

I find you very attractive.

Would you go to bed with me.

Guys need ‘let’s have sex’ excuses to hang out.

It’s hard to find a (single, under 30) guy who will admit he likes hanging out with you and that it isn’t only about the sex. But after the sex, he may just organically, magically stay for hours in the afterglow chatting with you.

This is why naked pics really do work on guys.


What we have here is a failure to communicate. So we both use our excuses to get them over here with us so that then their real intentions can just happen to unfold naturally.

But wouldn’t it be nice if we all just admitted that we wanted to have sex with each other and hang out with each other because we actually both like both of those things.