sex blog superheroes 2016 kinkly sexylittleideas (sex blog aggregator, sex talk titan, and king of kink) released their list of staff/reader picks for the Top Sex Bloggers of 2016. SexyLittleIdeas made some appearances, and they gave me this cool badge:

Kinkly Top 100 Blogger Badge

We ranked:

#3 in Top New Sex Blogs of 2016
top newsex blogs 2016 kinkly sexylittleideas

#4 in Top Sex Blog for/by Men of 2016
top men sex blogs 2016 kinkly sexylittleideas

and #65 overall (out of 100)

top sex blogs kinkly 2016 sexylittleideas

SexyLittleIdeas had previously had a falling out with former Kinkly contributor Bobbie Morgan from over our article on How to Fake an Orgasm. As an apparent fan of real orgasms, it seemed Morgan appreciated neither the tongue of the article nor the cheek it was in. We figured our standing with Kinkly had come to an unhappy ending, and had forgotten completely about their annual sex blog rankings. Fortunately, however, I was wrong.

Congratulations to Wetlandia and Tickle Trunk, sex toy reviewers who kicked my ass in the new sex blogger category.

Shoutout to Dr. Justin Lehmiller from Sex and Psychology who totally deserved 1st place in the manly sex blogger category. And further congrats to The Big Gay Review and Just Indecorous, two more sex toy reviewers, for also kicking my ass as men and sex bloggers.

I would also like to shout out to one of my favorite sex blogs,, who totally deserved 64th place.

And, again, if you would like to brush up on the finer points of How to Fake an Orgasm, please click the link.