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or A Scientific Discussion of Promiscuity

What if women were objectively more sexually complex than men?

Although the ‘men are more visual than women’ theory is currently under heated debate, one recent study showed that, while men and women found certain visual stimuli equally arousing, men experienced higher levels of activity in the amygdala – the section of the brain that controls motivation. In other words, when we see a naked woman, we men are more mentally, cavemanically compelled to do something about it.

What is objectively provable is that women’s sexual organs are generally smaller and more concealed than men’s. And with all this tiny internal nanotechnology, as well as a more complex cognitive response to sexually-stimulating situations, it may be safe to say that women are objectively more sexually complex than men.

What if more complex activities required more hours of practice to master than simpler ones?

It’s easier to master building blocks or Legos than chess or Risk. Simpler sports like hopscotch or jumprope have a shorter learning curve than more complex sports like football, cricket, or war with other countries.

Some human behavioral experts cite a figure of 10,000 hours that it takes to master cognitively-demanding fields. Whatever the number, it seems like the more complex the task, the longer time and greater involvement it takes to excel in that task.

What if these two complementary factors required men to be the more promiscuous gender?

If you’ve sucked one dick, you’ve sucked them all (they say?), but every clitoris is different.

Maybe because more complex pursuits take more practice and because women are more sexually complex, men have to spend more hours practicing in order to be sexually competent with women than women have to with men.

Maybe this has been the underlying reason all along why men have been historically more promiscuous than women.

Maybe it’s for their own good.