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or The Physiological Benefits of Hitting Other People

I think it’s funny that the more illegal and socially unacceptable spankings become as a child’s punishment, the more mainstream and typical they become as an erotic accessory.

Spankings used to be something every parent did to every child and maybe three men did to their wives during sexual congress before being burned at the stake as heretics.

Then they became something that only strict parents did to their children and perverts did to their wives.

Soon after, they became something that only terrible parents did to their traumatized children, and that some very liberal men did to some very permissive women.

Now, spankings are something for which in many countries you can get thrown in jail for doing to your children, and something that practically everyone does to everyone else when they’re having sex and feeling a little extra kinky that night.

In the future, perhaps, child spanking will only be remembered in the history books akin to child sacrifice, and erotic spanking will be a systematic part of The Human Dating Ritual (aw look there’s a picture of our first spanking, and there’s one at our wedding when the Unitarian Universalist Priest said, “You may now spank the bride”).

Perhaps human beings have an inherent physiological need to spank other human beings, and if they can’t take it out on their helpless children, by the gods, they’ll take it out on their consenting life partners.

Which is at least progress.

The moral arc of the universe and all that.