new violence sexylittleideas
or Fighting Is for Pussies

I have a physical and very mental aversion to physically damaging other human beings.

I do love sports and metaphorically kicking other people’s asses as long as the objective is to circumvent the other person in order to complete some non-destructive task. But when the objective is to use your strength and wit as an intelligent being to inflict pain on and subjugate another (perhaps less) intelligent being, I am revolted.

I will not physically wound other people intentionally.

Perhaps my parents subconsciously raised me as a pacifist. Maybe it has something to do with my psychological proclivity toward tolerance. I like to let people do exactly what they want to do, and find a way to do what I want within that framework.

There’s plenty of space in this universe for everyone.

I can understand if we get drunk or incensed and work ourselves into a fighting frenzy. Although I firmly believe that causing physical harm to another living human is always strictly off the table for me, and any violence even the drunken or angry type is deplorable and pathetic, we’re only people and we all furrow our brows and puff out our chests from time to time. Of course, people who get violent when they get mad or drunk are usually sad, little people.

But to think that there are people who make it their paid profession or pleasurable pastime to train themselves to more effectively injure other actual people is quite distressing. Unless it’s for peacekeeping purposes, people who invest their time, their energy, and themselves into learning how to exploit and hurt the weak points of the human body are repulsive to me.

Violence is not a thing. It’s not a viable path toward bettering your life or solving your problem.

Violence is fun to fake and to act out and to exaggerate as long as we all know that it’s not really a thing. When you see a hero bashing a zombie’s brains out and it makes you wanna learn that move, there’s something wrong with you.

Violence is something that used to be human like autocracy or smallpox or cave dwelling.

Outwitting is the new violence.

Or maybe I’m living in a fantasy and we should all buy brass knuckles and learn arm bars.

PS: It’s just make up.