victim-blaming insult men sexylittleideas
or Blaming Her, Insulting Him

or The Knee-Jerk

She was asking for it.

If you don’t wanna get raped don’t dress provocatively.

Blaming the victims of sexual aggression/assault misconstrues the crime and damages and re-traumatizes the woman. … …But it is also quite offensive to the man, and to men in general.

Let’s talk about that.

I have a friend who keeps a pet snake, a 5-foot western whip, for all you snake nerds out there. One day, her pet snake bit her. It was hungry or angry about some snakey little annoyance, and it struck out of nowhere and locked its jaws around her hand.

When they finally pried its cold, barbed fangs from her bloody flesh, however, she laughed it off and said it was her fault anyway.


According to my friend, it was her fault because, of the two of them, she was the intellectually-superior-and-therefore-culpable party. She should have known better than to handle a snake in that condition. The snake was just a simple beast of a creature and could not be blamed for his soulless, instinctual impulse to assault her.

So the party with the greater intellectual capacity gets the blame.

Which is what us men have inadvertently been saying all along by blaming women for our brutish misconduct:

I interpreted her actions as asking for it, and because I am a feeble-minded, insentient, savage, bipedal lower organism, I could not help but assault her.

She was dressed provocatively, and as a witless, irrational, feral, subhuman, knee-jerk buffoon, not assaulting her was beyond the scope of my mental capacity.


If we as men can’t stop victim-blaming simply because of its logical inaccuracies and devastating effects on women, maybe we can at least stop because it’s insulting to our intelligence as men.