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And Men Are Like Cars

Motorcycles are smaller, weaker, and more fragile than cars, but still demand (and deserve) equal rights on the road.

Cars often resent motorcycles for this.

Cars have completely separate seating with a respectful distance between each person. Motorcycles are all about snuggles and hugs.

Motorcycles have fewer blind spots.

When chasing a motorcycle in traffic, other cars will constantly car-block you.

Motorcycles don’t mind sharing lanes with cars but only on their terms. If you try to share a lane with them when they don’t want to, they will get mad.

Cars are disgusting, smoke-belching, environmentally-hazardous creatures; motorcycles are slightly less so.

Motorcycles can go for much longer than cars (and on much less fuel).

Cars have an evolutionary (or perhaps cultural?) proclivity toward opening their doors to more and more people, while motorcycles have to be choosey about whom they seat.

Motorcycles are fun.

Always wear protection when riding one.