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Bad Excuses:

I’m married.

I’m not that kind of person.

I shouldn’t.

You’re not my type.

My best friend likes you.

I’m pregnant.

It wouldn’t be appropriate.

I’m seeing someone.

Bad excuses are meaningless charades that timid people dangle in front of each other like worms on a hook. Bad excuses mean yes more times than they mean no, and when they do mean no, it’s a spineless, erasable kind of no like a bouncer made out of feathers.

When no means no, other words don’t mean no.

Good Excuses:

I don’t want to.

The only valid reason not to do something that you can, for all other intents and purposes, do, is because you don’t want to. Not wanting to do something is a very good reason not to do it. It’s a cake that doesn’t need any icing. It’s a philharmonic that only sounds worse when you add bells and whistles.

If you need to rely on a bad excuse, you may as well already be naked.