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I’ve always wanted to call myself queer.


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Aoyama Yuki and My Very First Times

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Sense Memory – a Lusty Limerick


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slut shaming criminal medieval hate crime sexylittleideas

the shaming of slut-shaming


slut shaming criminal medieval hate crime sexylittleideas
or A Short Study of Slut-Shaming’s Criminal Origins

Throughout history, slut-shaming has been commonly partnered with violence, racism, witch-hunting, and terrorism. And although today those criminal cronies have finally received the social disapproval and penalization that they have long deserved, slut-shaming itself has only grown stronger and more acceptable. Here are a few surprising examples.

(This article is filled with links to corroborative and very interesting/eye-opening articles and books that I highly recommend you take a look at if you’re interested in this topic.)

The Slut-Shaming Mafia
In Europe in the Middle Ages, violent gangs of teenagers known as the Abbeys of Misrule would roam the streets fighting other gangs, intimidating villagers, and, oddly, using bullying tactics to help enforce traditionalist social order. Authorities of the day would tolerate and even sanction their violence, stealing, and terrorizing specifically because they helped keep slutty women in check.

“If a girl (got) a reputation of being rather too easy, then she (would) find something unpleasant left outside her house (by these abbayes de jeunesse) so that the whole village (would know) that she (had) a bad reputation.” (Emeritus Professor Colin Heywood of the University of Nottingham, Childhood in Nineteenth-Century France)

In this, one of the earliest documented examples in the civilized world of systematically-condoned slut-shaming via terrorism, we see adult men looking the other way in extreme cases of juvenile delinquency and organized crime because those same teenage criminals would help them keep women’s vaginas in line.

Jews and Whores
In the 16th century, in French Avignon, the authorities would organize an annual carnival and grant the cities’ students, on carnival days, the freedom to beat up Jews and whores. The students would trade this sadistic privilege for money from warm-hearted townspeople, effectively holding both people of Israeli descent and sexually-liberated women for ransom. I find it ironic that people found it socially acceptable to withhold money to beat a whore but socially inacceptable to pay money to fuck her.

Incidentally, the price set by the government to release a whore from a student beating was one crown per whore (about the equivalent of five sheep).

Also in Avignon during the same time period, both Jews and whores were legally prohibited from touching fruit or bread in public markets. For the French of the 16th century, anti-Semitism and slut-shaming were essentially on the same (highly-esteemed) level.

Pussy Punishing
In the 18th century, animal cruelty was commonly used as a slut-shaming metaphor. Traditionalists would take their anger out on these zoological representations, inflicting barbaric torments on domesticated animals because physically torturing the sexually-liberated women and men was by then incidentally illegal. Cats were some of the most common victims used as effigies.

“In Burgundy, to mock a cuckold, young people would ‘faire la chat,’ -pass a cat around, pulling its fur to make it howl. Germans called charivaris (a socially-coercing slut-shaming ritual performed on umarried couples and other perpetrators of sexual practices considered unnatural) ‘Katzenmusik,’ perhaps because they involved the literal torture of cats, or howling like cats under the windows of newly remarried widows or cuckolds. Celebrations of the summer solstice, so widely linked with lovers, involved in France a horrifying variety of tortures to cats, tying them in bags, suspending them from ropes, setting them on fire and chasing them through the streets, or driving them into the traditional bonfire with a cermonious volley of rifle fire (Darnton 1984, 83-85).

“(One) particular cat massacre that inspired Darnton’s research took place in a print shop in Paris in the 1730s, and consisted of a large cat hunt and massacre by the print shop apprentices. It culminated in the mock trial and assassination of ‘la grise’ (the gray), the favorite cat of the master’s wife. By killing la grise, says Darnton, the workers in effect accused the mistress of being a witch and of sexual infidelity. Continues Darnton: ‘It was metonymic insult…. By assaulting her pet, the workers ravished the mistress symbolically. At the same time, they delivered the supreme insult to their master. His wife was his most precious possession, just as her ‘chatte‘ (double entendre for cat or pussy) was hers.’” (Margaret Rich Greer, Maria de Zayas Tells Baroque Tales of Love and the Cruelty of Men)

These early slut-shaming practices featured an integrated and almost inseparable discriminatory loathing that often drove the participants to outright criminal acts that might today be seen as hate crimes. -Hate crimes against the sociological minority of sexually-liberated men and women.

You might be laughing right now, but why is it such a stretch to classify abuse of promiscuous nonconformists as a hate crime? (hate crime – noun. 1. a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.)

Why is thrashing Jews now illegal but thrashing whores is still fine? (Thrashing I am, of course, using in the metaphorical, modern, tongue-lashing sense rather than these anecdotes’ literal sense.) The mafia has the FBI, and even animals have the ASPCA. In 1913, the Anti-Defamation League was founded to fight anti-Semitism, but there is still no organization that fights for the civil rights of sluts with anywhere near as much political clout. Perhaps it’s time us whores banded together to create an anti-slut-shaming lobbyist group and make illegal the slandering and abuse of sexually-liberated individuals.

Slut-shaming is a hate crime. Let’s do something about it.

battle sex writers sexylittleideas

battle of the sex… writers


battle sex writers sexylittleideas

Jon Pressick from SexinWords interviewed me (and two others) for an article he wrote for Kinkly about male sex writers. You can read his full article here at Why Is It Mostly Women Who Write About Sex? And here is my full interview, published below. (His questions in italics.)

1. What got you into blogging about sex and what are your favorite topics?
I love sex. And I love writing. Me, writing, and about sex was a logical threesome.

My favorite topic is irony. I like writing about things from the ‘duh‘ perspective. I love turning topics on their heads with titles like ‘Real Men Suck in Bed,’ ‘How to Fake an Orgasm,’ and ‘Why a Man Should Be an Asshole.’ There is plenty of intenseness and seriousness in the deep end of the sex pool, and I think if we all lightened up a little, we would have more fun.

A small footnote about semantics that I always like to include: I don’t consider myself a blogger. A blog is a web log. A log, in this context, is ‘a regular or systematic record of incidents or observations.’ I record very few observations and even less incidents. The description I prefer is column, which is ‘a section of a newspaper or magazine (or of the Internet) regularly devoted to a particular subject or written by a particular person.’ is more of a sex information, opinion, and advice column.

2. Have you ever actively noted that there are significantly more female-identified sex bloggers?
Why yes, Jon, I have. And with all of the throngs of them out there, here we are, just us men, gossiping about them.

3. Why do you think this is?
Keep in mind that what I think doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on reality.

Offhand, I came up with two reasons. I think that, just like in prostitution ‘men are where the money is,’ in sex blogging, men are where the interest is. Men wanna hear about, actively seek out, and even pay for: women having sex. Women being filmed having sex, women talking about having sex, women writing about having sex. I don’t know if this is due to culture, paternalism, the extra X chromosome, or just a big misunderstanding, but women seem to have much less of a hunger (and a pocketbook) for: men having sex. So I think the imbalance of demand could be one factor. I’m much more likely to read about a hot chick’s sexual misadventures and opinions than yours.

For the other brilliant and insightful reason, stay tuned to, and maybe I’ll write about it someday! ;)

I love emoticons.

4. Are you at all intimidated to write from a male perspective?
I firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with sex. To specify that, I would add words like inherently, consensual, adult, protected, and multiple informed partners. In that context, I don’t think there is anything to be intimidated or ashamed about, whether as a man or a woman (the latter of which, however, I have never been).

If women who write about sex get more leeway on the Internet Jerk-o-meter than men (meaning that they can write about experiences and topics that sometimes make us men look like jerks), then I think it’s only fair because we men get more leeway for our sexual actions in real life.

And as far as from a consumer perspective, I try to write things that I would like to read if I were to stumble across my own column. I figure if I am entertained and informed by my own pieces, then I can be proud of them no matter how gritty they are. If we sex writers are all confident about what we do and how we do it, maybe the prudes will have to take a spin on the intimidation merry-go-round. It’s just about their turn anyway.

4. What other sex bloggers do you enjoy reading?
Well, you. And besides that, if I had to pick one woman, one man, and one LGBTQIAETC favorite, I would choose:

Nicole Daedone - Even if she doesn’t allow non-user comments, she is vulnerable AND exciting, which is a rare combination.
My Dissolute Life - Even if he is a married and a man, he draws me. And I Absolutely Love. Short, Fragmented. Sentences.
Omniwhore - He somehow gets me to relate to a community that I am usually, in real life, quite distant from.

5. Is there anything in particular you might do to encourage other men to blog about sex?
More competition? No! Go away!

In all sincerity though, this isn’t a battle of the sex writers. I enjoy male and female sex writers equally. I do, however, think that getting to know yourself sexually will improve your sexual experiences. And writing about sex is one of the best ways to open yourself up to that side of you. So if sex blogging = better sex, then that’s really all that needs to be said.

drunkenness sinful sunday sexylittleideas



drunkenness sinful sunday sexylittleideas

#3: Drunkenness – Seven Less-Deadly Sins Series
Previously – #2: Blasphemy

Just me, drinking beer.
At the beach.
Drowning my surfing injuries in the bottle.

Sinful Sunday

prostitution laundering sexylittleideas

prostitution laundering


prostitution laundering sexylittleideas
or Sex-for-Nonsex

Prostitution is the voluntary exchange of anything sexual for anything non-sexual.

Sex-for-money is too broad a definition. Not all prostitutes receive money and not all prostitutes give sex. Before money was invented, a prostitute might have received cattle, and even today she might receive drugs or political favor. Instead of intercourse, she might be hired to spank and humiliate a man or even just wear a negligee and act like she enjoys it.

The definition of prostitution as the voluntary exchange of any sexual activity for any non-sexual payment is the only definition that amply covers all the colors in the prostitution spectrum. Once we realize this, however, we have to face some uncomfortable truths.

(Having sex to have a baby is, of course, the notable exception. Sex for the purpose of children is not pleasure or prostitution but a third thing we’ll call procreation.)

This sex-for-nonsex definition means that anyone who’s ever had sex for anything except pleasure and babies is guilty of participating in the beautiful symbiosis that is prostitution. -A woman who has sex with her partner not for pleasure but for emotional closeness or stability. A man who provides intimate companionship to a woman not because he’s attracted to her but because she is powerful or famous. A woman who flirts with her professor for good grades. Any man or woman who sleeps his/her way to the top.

Prostitution is less about the actions and more about the intentions. If you sleep with someone for pleasure and then they give you something (goods or services) you weren’t expecting, that is your good fortune. If you sleep with someone because you want something from them besides pleasure (or procreation), that is prostitution.

Because prostitution is (still) illegal in the majority of developed countries, it is often laundered in various ways to turn the illegal sex-for-nonsex exchange into a legal goods-and-services transaction.

Many unionized professional sex workers use the date method to launder their prostitution. The john invites the sex worker to a dinner or a party for an agreed upon fee, and anything that happens after that is simply between consenting adults.

Non-unionized, freelance prostitutes are also quite fond of this method. Sometimes the agreed upon fee is just the price of the dinner or a movie.

Some non-unionized prostitutes take it even further to where the date method becomes the girlfriend method and possibly even the wife method. The wife- and girlfriend- methods are some of the most effective ways to launder prostitution. Anything material a man buys for or any favors he bestows on his wife or girlfriend will never be called into question under prostitution laws. Similarly, any sexual activity she grants him in payment for those goods or favors will be mistaken for simple partnership or marital affection. The exchange has been completely and thoroughly laundered.

Another popular method of prostitution laundering is the spa method. In this method, the unionized sex workers gather under the shelter of a “spa,” the customers pay a door fee for entrance, and then may tip extra for sexual services. Non-unionized prostitutes also sometimes use this method, usually amplifying it to the bar method or club method. Like the spa method, the bar- or club- methods involve the non-unionized prostitutes gathering under the shelter of a bar or club, the customers paying a door fee for entrance, and then tipping extra (usually in the form of drinks) to ensure sexual services.

There are many ways to launder your prostitution. How do you launder yours?

light tricks, porn, and fake orgasms: march- e[lust] 56


elustheader Photo courtesy of Understanding Flutterby

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Eleven Quarters

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Sadists

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ways woman can watch sexylittleideas

5 ways a woman can watch


ways woman can watch sexylittleideas
or A Watched Pot Does Boil

It turns out it’s quite hard for a woman to see her own genitals.

Unless she is a contortionist or uses external aids, her vagina is tucked neatly away in the shade of her pubic bone. This makes it difficult to see even on a sunny day when she is by herself and nearly impossible to glimpse during the sex act, should she be so inclined.

I am not a woman, so this has never occurred to me before.

For a guy, it’s easy. We can bend forward, bend backward, twist sideways, or stand on our hands, and our royalty will always be proudly parading in front of us as plain as the nose on our face. We barely ever even have to crane our necks.

But try to get a look at the area right below your testicles and you may find that it’s a whole new ball game.

Many recent studies have shown that, although women are fully capable of responding to visual sexual stimuli, men are “generally more interested in and responsive to visual sexually-arousing stimuli than are women.” Such as watching our own genitals thrust in and out as they perform their God-given duty during the sex act.

So the fact that it’s easier for us men to watch is great news for the majority of men who are visually-oriented and the majority of women who are mood- or audio-oriented. But what about women who are visually-oriented or even those who just wanna check out the action every once in a while? Here are a few ideas we came up with – 5 ways a woman can watch.

(For the record, try looking this up on Google. I did. I found absolutely zero information. Maybe this means it’s an entirely gratuitous subject that no one else cares about. Or maybe it is sorely needed. You decide.)

1. Wall Mirror
The easiest-by-far and least-awkward idea is to do it in front of a large wall-mounted mirror. You will have to find the position that works for you and that gets the man’s torso out of the way so it doesn’t block your view (try The Ape, The Clip, or The Ship). Using a wall mirror will allow you to casually watch his cock slipping in and out of you or casually not watch it according to your mood. This is my favorite idea because it gives you the option of watching if you want without putting all of the focus on the genitals.

2. Handheld Mirror
Using a small handheld mirror is the most precise way of concentrating on the visual action and making sure you get a detailed close-up without missing one beat. A makeup mirror is good, and you can even try the magnified side for a more intense visual. The downside of this idea is that some people may find it slightly awkward to hold a mirror up to their genitals during sex. If watching turns you on though, don’t be shy, and by all means, soak in the view.

3. Elevated Hips
Any sexual position that elevates your hips while you lie on your back will allow you to see your own pussy without having to use a mirror. You may still have to crane your neck a little bit, but propping your hips up a bit (or a lot) with a pillow (or pillows) will make it easier for you to get a good face-to-face glimpse of your sexual mechanics.

4. Side Splits
If your neck gets tired before your eyes do, turn over on your side and have him lift one of your legs in the air while fucking you. This position will allow you to curl forward and watch while resting your head and neck on the bed or on your arm.
Note: Any type of woman-facing-away position (Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, etc), in which his penis enters you from behind, makes the action a lot more difficult to see. The angle of entry makes it so that no matter how much you curl forward, the friction will still be almost completely hidden from your view.

5. Film Yourself.
And watch it back later. Hold the camera yourself to make sure you get all the angle-candy you want.

slut shaming golden age sexylittleideas

the golden age of slut shaming


slut shaming
In today’s edition of I Could Not Have Said It Better

I’m going to post the transcript of a video posted on Youtube by John Fugelsang that should go a lot more viral than it has:

“It’s time to talk about sluts. The word ‘slut’ dates back to the 1400s, and it’s come to mean any woman who is promiscuous. And in America, promiscuous has come to mean anybody getting more than you. It’s been used for a long time as an ugly slur, typically out of fear, envy, or whenever a far-sluttier male gets turned down by a hot chick.

“And in spite of the worldwide plague that is the male libido, men who enjoy their sexuality are typically called ‘stud.’ And if you want to know how vicious the sexual double standard is, compare those two words in a thesaurus. Cause it turns out common euphemisms for ‘stud’ include: womanizer, Casanova, Lothario, macho man, charmer, seducer, playboy, lover, he-man, heart-breaker, ladies man, wolf, and smooth operator. Whereas common euphemisms for ‘slut’ include: prostitute, tramp, whore, floozy, hussy, vamp, tart, harlot, piece of tail, mattress, fleshpot, trollop, strumpet, and fallen woman.

“I kind of like some of those words.

“There’s actually no word for male slut. Well, actually there is, but I’ll get to that at the very end of this.

“We are now though, my friends, in the golden age of slut-shaming. A time when the culture, the media, and the men demand women sexualize themselves to prove their value to society but then punish those women if they dare to actually enjoy it.

“Slut shaming is social control of female sexuality.

“Admonishing or attacking women over how they dress, how they love, what they believe; it’s used to smear rape victims, women who want birth control, women who like sex as much as men, or just women who choose to have agency over their own intimate lives. Retrograde hypocrisy usually perpetrated by males who crave female sexuality as long as they can control it.

“I predict ‘slut’ is going to be the next slur word that makes a minority take it back as a symbol of pride, like ‘nerd’ or… other terms I’m not allowed to say on TV.

“Some of the finest people I’ve known have been people these misogynists would call sluts. -Considerate, nice, polite sluts who are kind to children and small animals, give 20% tips, and pay their slutty taxes. They just happen to enjoy sex as much as men tell women they should enjoy sex.

“But of course, the more conservative your religion is, any religion, the more you probably despise women who take control of their lives, have sex with whomever they choose, dress however they like, and are not victims. Well if you don’t like female sexuality, my friends, take it up with the Manufacturer. Because the real Judgment Day may be when the far right Rapture folk and the Jihadists all find out that the sluts went to Heaven and the hypocrites went to Hell.

“I think people who hate sexually-independent women just can’t handle the truth. And the truth is that ‘S.L.U.T.’ is secretly an acronym for Sexually Liberated Unapologetic and Truthful.

“Oh and by the way, there is an actual term for ‘male slut.’ It’s called ‘male.’”

Click here to view the video.

blasphemy sinful sunday sexylittleideas



blasphemy sinful sunday sexylittleideas

#2: Blasphemy – Seven Less-Deadly Sins Series
Previously – #1: Adultery

Spring 2012 photoshoot for the University of Guadalajara
Photographer: Zamarripa Roberto
Designer: Elio Guevera
Fashion Coordinator: Benjy Parra
Models: I

Sinful Sunday

nude photos, strap-ons, and dark alleys: february- e[lust] 55


rose Photo courtesy of Sex with Rose

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~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

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