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or Monsters

Every time I sit down to write, I struggle with whether to just keep it fluffy and sticky sweet or to go off on some crusade. I’m no crusader, but there are things that bug me about men and about women and about the way they stick it to each other.

Today’s crusade is against feminist violence toward men. Feminist violence against men is a particularly ironic kind of violence due to a few easy-to-grasp concepts.

First, let’s keep a few things clear from the beginning. Rape is evil. I don’t rape. Men are always raping women, and women rarely rape men. “Rape is not an act of sex; it’s an act of violence.” 

Easy-to-Grasp Concept #1
Overlooking the debate about the semantics of that last claim, do you know what else is not an act of sex but an act of violence? Punching and slapping men. Why is it socially acceptable for a woman to pummel or slap a man in an attempt to humiliate or shame him?

Physical violence perpetrated by (mostly strong, feminist but sometimes gentle, reactive) women against men is far too widespread, and worse, far too socially acceptable. Examples of women going for that slap-in-the-face as a powerful punctuation mark to a (in their opinion) distasteful conversation with a man are far too common and far too glorified in all forms of media, memes, and real life.

Dear feminist hypocrites (not all feminists, just the hypocritical ones among you), slapping a man is not an act of feminism; it’s an act of violence.

Easy-to-Grasp Concept #2
Did you slap him in retaliation for something he said? Was he asking for it because of the offensive words that came out of his mouth? That leads us to the second easy-to-grasp concept.

Nothing a man could ever say, no matter how offensive it is, could ever be considered ‘asking for it’ in regards to physical violence against him. Yes, we the genders have differences in the way we express ourselves, physically, fashionably, verbally, and those differences can sometimes be inciting to the opposite gender. But the answer to those differences is never violence in any form by any gender.

Did he make an insensitive comment about your culture, your gender, your crusade, or you as a person? Still not asking for it.

The Threat Of
And a woman threatening violence against a man should be just as culturally enraging as the reverse. Her telling him, “One day you’re gonna get punched/slapped in the face for something you said,” is a hypocritical, rapey cliche that condones and glorifies… violence! By contributing to the inter-gender violence culture, I would posit that these kinds of comments make you partially responsible for the inter-gender violence problem.

Men shouldn’t be taught to watch their words, women should be taught not to smack men in the face.

Not all men are monsters, and not all women are victims, but all violence is monstrous. Your freedom of expression is just as important as ours and both need to be religously protected. It is the violent criminals, both men and women, that need to be taught to swallow their urges, not the peaceful, expressive victims.

I’m a pacifist. I don’t believe in, encourage, or perpetrate violence in any form against any gender. If we could all just stop threatening and perpetrating all forms of violence against other human beings, that would be great. #anticlimacticending