gentleman opposite feminist sexylittleideas
or A Different Kind of Disgusting

A gentleman refers to women as the weaker sex. A feminist refers to women as equals.

Gentlemen pay for women’s drinks. Feminists pay women a fair and equal wage for equal work.

Gentlemen give women a hand so they don’t slip in their heels. Feminists don’t shoehorn women into wardrobe choices that are objectifying and damaging in the first place.

Gentlemen open doors for women. Feminists open their own doors and shatter glass ceilings.

A gentleman loans a woman his coat to keep her covered. A feminist frees the nipple.

A gentleman always tries to keep a smile on a woman’s face. A feminist understands that women (like men) are creatures of vast emotional depth, a wide and colorful spectrum of feelings, and that they have the judgment-free right to not always be your idea of chipper (or ladylike or attentive or accommodating or upbeat or sexy) at all times.

Gentlemen treat women right. Feminists don’t keep women as pets.

A gentleman tries to protect and shelter his woman. A feminist tries not to use personal possessive pronouns with human beings.

A gentleman believes in defending a woman’s purity and honor. A feminist believes a woman’s body is her property.

A gentleman will fight FOR a woman. A feminist will fight ALONGSIDE a woman.

Gentlemen let women go first. Feminists don’t feel entitled to the right to ‘let’ women do things.

Gentlemen graciously bestow each of these thinly-sugarcoated demeaning kindnesses on women because, whether they realize it or not:

Gentlemen objectify women.

Feminists see through these possibly-well-intentioned-yet-condescending-and-belittling poisons and patronize the patriarchy right back.

Feminists objectify gentlemen.

A gentleman’s every act is designed as a small, subtle reminder to women that they are weaker, less capable, and inferior to men.

A feminist doesn’t try to hold women back or push them ahead or swallow them up in your own definition of what ‘woman’ is.

A gentleman is not a well-bred, honorable man who treats women with good graces. A gentleman is a sexist stereotype in disguise. ‘Gentleman’ is the opposite of ‘Feminist.’