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or I’m Just Not That Kind of Guy

You have it backwards.

Going out to dinners and movies is something I reserve for doing with people that I truly like and enjoy, completely, inside and out. It’s not just for anyone.

If I don’t know you – why would I want to go out to a club or to watch a movie with you? Standing or sitting next to a person I don’t know in the total dark and total noise surrounded by crowds of other people we don’t know… is a terrible way to get to know someone.

Once we’ve gotten to know each other first on all the appropriate levels, then maybe I’ll let you try to take me out on a date. We can go to a movie (1st base), later I’ll let you slowly slide down to dinner (2nd base), then maybe if you’re real smooth, I’ll let you go all the way into a club with me, as long as you bring protection (lots of alcohol).

If we’ve never met and there’s a possibility you or I could be a rapist or a catfish, that I completely understand, and we can first enjoy a cup of coffee in a public place to dispel our doubts. If we have met and you still think I’m some kind of kidnapper or psychopath who couldn’t keep his true intentions hidden over a few more very public rom-coms, you probably shouldn’t even be talking to me in the first place.

But if you think that you can get down and datey with me before we actually get to know each other, I’m sorry.

I’m just not that kind of guy.