No Shades of Grey – Erotic Art Series
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This is a time lapse video of an erotic painting I designed for my bedroom wall. Because the ceiling is at a very distinctive angle, I needed the painting to have an angle that would match. I laid the canvas on my floor, set up a scaffolding overhead for the camera, loaded up on coffee and Red Bulls, and started painting at an incredible speed.
Medium: acrylic (black and white).
Size: 40 X 63 in.
Canvas: heavy-duty, plain-woven fabric.
Original painting time: two and a half hours.
Art by: SexyLittleIdeas
HOT TIP: If you’ve been having great, regular sex, you will be able to instantly make out the form. If not, it may take you a minute.

no shades of grey sinful sinday sexylittleideas

Sinful Sunday