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Maybe someday female ejaculation will be a science, or maybe it will always remain somewhat mystical.

Maybe it’s an art.

Flood of Information
Maybe someday, enough educated explorers will perform sufficient sexological studies on a great enough volume of valiant volunteers so as to enable humanity to thoroughly understand this fascinating phenomenon.

But for now, the scientific facts about squirting are still (surprisingly, for this supposedly over-exposed age of information) quite vague. 10 to 40 percent of women ejaculate. Fluid volume ranges from two to 150 milliliters. Squirting is an involuntary emission of sex-specific bladder-originating fluids and / or a prostate-specific androgen secretion from the Skene glands.

In other words, at this point in time, the science behind squirting reads somewhat like this: ???!!

Gushing About Her Experiences
Much of the so-called ‘evidence’ about squirting is still anecdotal and, as such, possibly only indicative of the experiences of one or a few women. Here are a few interesting-yet-still-anecdotal details from women that I have interviewed about their particular adventures on Planet Squirt. These may / may not only represent the viewpoint of one / a minority / most of the fortunate adventurers.

Anecdotal Info to Soak Up

  • For some women, squirting is synonymous with climax. When she cums, she ejaculates.
  • For some women, squirting is a separate circumstance that may or may not occur in conjunction with orgasm. She squirts, then later she cums.
  • For some women, squirting is an integral part of any sex. When she has sex, she invariably makes a hot mess.
  • For some women, squirting is a special occasion that only occurs in very intense sexual situations or with a very specific set of sexual criteria. She only squirts occasionally.
  • For some women, squirting involves a high volume of ammonia.
  • For some women, squirting involves low levels of ammonia or no ammonia at all.
  • For some women, squirting can result from any form of sexual stimulation including oral sex, external clitoral stimulation, penile-vaginal intercourse, and other forms of penetration. Arousal = ejaculation.
  • For some women, squirting only results from a specific (and often ‘come hither’-motion-related) form of sexual stimulation. When she is fingered in a certain way at a certain speed, she squirts.
  • For some women, squirting can only take place when the object of penetration (finger, penis, dildo) is removed at the moment of ejaculation. “Take it out now!”
  • For some women, squirting can only take place when the stimulation is continued up to and past the point of ejaculation. “Don’t stop!”

For Those of You Who Didn’t Drown in the Above Deluge of TMI and Are Still with Me
So maybe someday intricate studies of vast quantities of actual human beings will prove, disprove, or partially prove many of the above suppositions, and we’ll finally nail down the science of squirting like we have the science of the Human Sexual Response cycle or the science of Serotonin Levels in Bisexual Mice.

But maybe some things are better when they’re still a bit mystical.

And you – how do you squirt?