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In “macho” social strata where women and men are not actually perceived as being actually equal, a woman’s vagina can be seen as the only power she possesses. This power, she trades for control of a man’s resources, time, or exclusive affections.

If a woman gives up her vagina without gaining control of some of a man’s resources, time, energy, affections, or interests – at least what is perceived as a sufficient amount of such by other women trading their vaginas for these things – two things will happen:

  1. 1: the woman “giving it up too easily” will be resented and seen as an anarchist by the other woman in the vicious cycle.

  2. 2: the man “taking” the vagina without “exchanging” his exclusivity, money, or power will also be resented by those women. He will be colored in their minds as a swindler, an embezzler, and a dangerous man destroying the natural order of things and trampling on the only shred of power they possess.

Macho social strata are created partially by the men who inherently believe that men > women, and partially by the women in the strata who passively allow themselves to be spoken for, their vaginas to be owned, and their lives to be bought and paid for by their suitors.

Men, is that really what you want?